Making Stuff

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Making things is always really freaking awesome.

IMG_20160214_155445.jpgA lot of times it feels like shoving your hands into a black felt hat, leaving them there for a few minutes/hours and then pulling out a fluffy cute rabbit. Or maybe not. Actually, a lot of times it feels more like pulling out your hands from a bucket of toilet paper and water, holding a chunk of wet, lumpy paper.

But lately I’ve found both of them equally satisfying.

Being in painting and ceramics classes has kept my hands busy. I have made some pretty awesome stuff. I am quite proud of some of the works I have been working on. I have also done some other stuff I am not quite as excited about. Kinda meh stuff.

Incidentally, I also may have sunk my hands on a bucket filled with water, toilet paper, and liquid porcelain. It felt like oatmeal. Or at least what I imagine oatmeal would feel like if it was on a bucket.

Getting back on subject though, I am constantly reminded that my experience with making stuff is not what everyone experiences. My friends have made me amazingly sweet cards for Valentines, adding  “they’re not as good an artist as you” at the end of their sentence. The phrase I hear the most in beginning art classes is “this is not good, I want to do something good.” When I ask people why they don’t want to take a drawing or painting class (or really any kind of art class), I usually hear “because I am not a good artist.”

All of which, to be honest, make me a bit sad.

Of course, I understand those who simply outright don’t enjoy making things with charcoal, clay, wood, cholula sauce, oil paints, ink, or any other art medium. Y’know, just like how I can’t sit down and do math or act. But I barely ever hear that kind of reasoning when talking with others about art.quality drawing
Making things is an amazing feeling, something I wish everyone was comfortable doing or pursuing. It is awesome to look at something you made and proudly pronounce “I did this thing. This thing is mine.”  Just imagine if you were showing whatever you made to 5 year old you. 5 year old you would go bonkers. They’d adore you and think “wow, I will make really cool stuff someday.”

And even if you don’t believe that, why not just make something to fool around? Grab some molding clay and make a stick man. Get some LEGO and make the weirdest thing that comes to mind. Draw a bunch of squiggly lines on some piece of paper and color in the result.

Just have fun and don’t think too much. After all, that’s what art is about.