I’m alive I swear!

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Some weeks have passed, I know, but worry not! I am still alive and breathing. Although, I have been busy and a bit all over the place for a while now.

You see, a few days ago, midterms happened. Mind you, my classes didn’t have anything huge in them. An exam here, a paper there, and readings to do in between classes. But nothing too big or too stressful. Believing I could handle them and my jobs just fine, I threw in some extras here and there.

By extras I mean some designing jobs for events.

And by designing I mean getting myself so involved that I had a lot of fun but also ended up freaking out.

This is what frustration @ the printing studio looks like. @liebe_nina

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A smaller one was a small poster design, not pictured here. But that wasn’t too bad. I had my friends backing me up on that and I could squeeze in a bit more work. And then spring break happened.

I can hear a part of my head saying “you could’ve written something during the break!” But I didn’t. Mostly due to the fact that I was having too much fun in Portland.

And now I’m back. Busy as ever with school and work and, now, trying to stay ahead of the comic making game. And I’m not doing too well on that so we’ll see.

So. Yeah. Thanks for listening to me explain why I haven’t written anything for weeks.

Otter out!