Creating again!

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It has been a long while!

A very, very long while. Sorry :’D

Although summer has been going for a while now, I haven’t really given myself time to sit down and write or update a lot of my social media websites, including this blog. But now! Oh boy, now I have some things to show.

Well, first of all, my comic Gummy Overdrive over in Tapastic is getting back on track! I stopped drawing it sometime at the end of May, since I was entering finals season and, being honest, it’s nearly impossible to make a comic while dealing with 5 classes and 3 jobs.

It should be back on schedule from now on. This past week I kiinda forgot about it, but I should be able to get back on track again. So just go over there and take a look!

I want you to go there mostly because of that, but also because there’s another comic in there that you can take a look at!banner


I made a short comic called Coyote as part of a final project for a class that explored monstrosity as it changed from culture to culture. I took some of the ugliest aspects from my own culture to create a monster that could reasonably cause some fear.

And the last thing is:


Right now I’m basically starting from scratch, animating very simple things.

Mostly, I’m using the 51 Great Animation Exercises as a guide to get myself doing things that are challenging but also good. So. yeah! I’ll make a compilation for each level (and then for the whole thing) as I finish it.

You can always head over to my tumblr blog to see every exercise as I do it.

So, yeah! That’s what I’m up to. Hopefully I’ll get the change to make even more things between jobs!