Showing off

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This is the one thing I always have trouble with.

Really, I don’t like being a showoff, it usually feels odd and unnatural. Like shoving what I do in front of people’s faces and saying “LOOK AT IT!”

But I chose to be an artist, so that’s a bit of a problem there. I need to do it if I want to live. Or at least have a reasonable living space. So I am really, really thankful that now, on my senior year, my professors force me to put things up on a wall and make me stay quiet while others talk about it.

That is literally all we did on the past two days of senior seminar here in my college. And let me tell you, it’s pretty cool.

It’s awesome to have a space among all these awesome works. It feels really, really great. My piece was an animation (of course.) 300+ hand drawn frames all put together to make this:

All in all, it was really fun, and I’m really looking forward to playing around a bit more with the weird white space that is a gallery-like room. Of course, it feels and looks a LOT more different when you’re standing in front of it, but either way I now feel more comfortable in sharing these things.