My Ranch Issue #2

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A new issue is here!

Titled The House of Don Genaro, this issue is a bit more close to home. Mostly because I genaro-01based this comic off of my own little town and my personal experiences growing up there.

Of course, some parts of it are pure fiction, while some others have been hastily and clumsily reconstructed by my brain in an attempt to remember them. Others are eerily real and lifted straight up from real life. Basically, it’s all a jumble of things.

If you want to read it, click this link and scroll down to the section titled The House of Don Genaro. Once again, you get to pick between English and Spanish versions!




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  1. Teresa Hernandez Jimenez

    Realmente me atrapo! :* me la lei de tu face… no, no te estoy stalkeando… solo apareció en mi feed J

    Love u kid! Estoy muy orgullosa de ti



    • GummyRush

      ¡Gracias! Jaja, pues segun yo eres mi fan #1 asi que no me sorprende que lo hayas visto asi nada mas 😛