Hey there!

My name is Leo.


Iam an artist that loves fiddling and doing all sorts of things. From comics to illustrations, passing through animation to 3D modeling, and including being silly, I do and try almost everything.

Of course, video games and cartoons are my jam, and I dabble in fan art and fan comics once in a while. Most times, you can find my finished work over in my Facebook, and DeviantArt pages. If you want to take a peek at what happens behind the scenes, you can always go onto my Tumblr and Youtube Channel to see sketches, work in progress snaps, and also the occasional speedpainting.

And if you still want more, I also have a Twitter and an Instagram, where you will find more day-to-day life stuff. Those ones might have some sketches and WIPs too, but for the most part they’ll be full of mind dumps and random pictures.

If you want to get in touch, you can always shoot me an email or even a message on any of the social media places I frequent.

Contact me: leohdez@gummyrush.com