My Ranch Issue #2

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A new issue is here! Titled The House of Don Genaro, this issue is a bit more close to home. Mostly because I based this comic off of my own little town and my personal experiences growing up there. Of … Continued

Zine: Desde el Ranchito

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Version en Español debajo de Ingles. English Months ago I posted and published a comic that I called El Coyote. I wrote it, drew it, printed it, and handed out to some people in a class. Job done, I thought. But … Continued

Animation Process

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This time, I’m bringing some process to show! Over the past few weeks/months, I’ve been slowly going through Animators Island’s 51 Great Animation Exercises completing each prompt and trying to get a feel for good timing. For the most part, I’ve … Continued

My mind is odd

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My mind wanders way too much. So much, in fact, that I tend to say one thing when my mind is thinking of a completely different thing. Hence why I confuse bananas with carrots. I like to believe that this … Continued