My Ranch Issue #2

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A new issue is here! Titled The House of Don Genaro, this issue is a bit more close to home. Mostly because I based this comic off of my own little town and my personal experiences growing up there. Of … Continued

Zine: Desde el Ranchito

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Version en Español debajo de Ingles. English Months ago I posted and published a comic that I called El Coyote. I wrote it, drew it, printed it, and handed out to some people in a class. Job done, I thought. But … Continued

Animation Process

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This time, I’m bringing some process to show! Over the past few weeks/months, I’ve been slowly going through Animators Island’s 51 Great Animation Exercises completing each prompt and trying to get a feel for good timing. For the most part, I’ve … Continued

Lo que significa.

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(Apologies to all my English-speaking friends, but you may have to sit this one out. Need to do some Spanish.) Por cierto, ese post es bastante viejito, pero aun vale la pena subirlo. ————————————————————————– Hace poco mi clase de ceramica … Continued

My mind is odd

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My mind wanders way too much. So much, in fact, that I tend to say one thing when my mind is thinking of a completely different thing. Hence why I confuse bananas with carrots. I like to believe that this … Continued